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Little Treasures


My friend’s “little precious” had her 6th birthday recently. I am notoriously toy store phobic and absolutely prefer to take the route of handmade-and-meaningful as a gift, rather than store bought. Besides the obvious cost savings, there is something inherently special about a personalized gift. Since the birthday girl was my daughter’s friend, I decided to make something that she and I could work on together. Baby Girl (that’s my daughter) always loves to collect special little trinkets and treasures from every place we go, so we decided to pass on that love to her friend by creating a “Treasure Box” from an abandoned Starbucks coffee box. Although the process is a simple step-by-step of paper decoupage, it’s really all about the personal touches that make it unique. Have fun with finding different papers, cut-out pictures, meaningful or silly poems, etc. Handwritten elements on unexpected papers make it even more quirky and special.



We salvaged my box of Starbucks sampler coffee, but any sturdy, small-medium sized box with a lid will do.



















I chose a sheet of handmade paper I picked up at the local art store. After coating the box well with Modge Podge, cover the box with the paper making sure to smooth any wrinkles. Make sure to fold the edges and corners over to completely cover the inside of the sides. Do the same for the box lid as well.










Both box and lid covered.















Baby Girl decoupaging the inside and the outside of the box and lid with some favorite papers, magazine and craft paper cutouts, and her own drawings. Once everything has dried give it 1-2 coats of clear Satin Craft Varnish.















We chose a phrase from one of my favorite poems by Maya Angelou “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” for the inside of the box. A treasure in itself…

I’ve got a magic charm

That I keep up my sleeve

I can walk the ocean floor

And never have to breathe

Life doesn’t frighten me at all

Not at all

-Maya Angelou

The finished product with a few treasures that Baby Girl added and a handmade flower crown. A little treasure collector’s special trove…