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It My Money And I Need It Now It My Money And I Need It Now

DIY: Scrap Fabric Bunting

As I was preparing all the goods for the display at our booth at heART on Center, I decided last minute that we needed some crazy color.

I have a basket that is filled to the brim with leftover fabric remnants from a hundred different sewing projects over the years and a box filled with vintage bias tape, from garage sales and such, in a variety of colors. I proceeded to cut of my remnants into rectangular pieces in a mish-mash of different sizes. I didn’t worry about hemming anything since I like the frayed edges. I simply lined them up along the open side of the bias tape and sewed them on one by one using a narrow zig-zag stich. Super easy!! In less an an hour I had a number of yards long strands that ended up looking great in our booth at the Art Walk!!! Check it out here!

I tried to petition my family to let me hang them all over the kitchen, but no go….I’m still looking for a happy place for them to hang at home….Hmmmmm….